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Jack Nicholson
News and Gossip

If I had a penny for every time someone laughed at what he said I would have $1,000,000,000!

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This site is devoted to Jack! I love his movies!! Like "The Shinning", One flew over the cookoo's nest and Anger Management was great!

When I go to see Anger Management I wear my Jack T! With a pic of him on it! From the Shinning!

He  has been my favorite actor for years~! There is something so scary about his presents its GREAT! The way he smiles is fun! He is a tallented actor! Any line they give him, it can be stupid, borring or anything and he can make it halarious!

Look up here at me, your fan,Rebecca!

 Wutch ya lookin 4?

I want his auotograugh!