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my nephews


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my nephews
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My nephews are named Michael and Anthony Bain!

They are on a t.v. show called Yes,Dear CBS 7:30 0r 8:30 on channel 13 mondays! There t.v. show name is Sammy, the play one baby there twins. There manager knows Hilary Duff AKA Lizzie McGuire and got a pic. and autogragh! She is just soo cool! I love my nephews! You may have seen one on t.v. I am in the middle of making a website for them! I will toattally notify you!lol!heres a picture!I have been asked to play on a show but school was the next day i couldnt go it was to far!orchard030.jpg

There soooooooo0ooooooooooo cute!