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Ready to find out what kind of friend are you? 

1.)When your bestfriend is having a bad what do you do?
a.tell her to get over it its not the end of the world!       b.cheer her up c.pretend like you care
     but you really dont
2.)If someone is picking on
your bestfriend what do you do?
a.say just dont pay atention to them         b.Stand up to your bestfriend's bully.
c. no way i dont want to get beat up!
3.When its your bestfriends birthday
and you forgot what do you do?
a. Say I forgot sorry!                  b.Make a card durring 1st period and say
                                                  i wil make it up to you and plan a day at the mall.
                                                  c. say we only new eachother
for a little whats the big?
4.If your friend tells you a seceret you....
a. tell the whole school!                b.keep it to yourself c. forget it .
5. If your friend is accused of stealing something  do you stand up for her or just say ya to see what they do to her.
a.yes i know she  didnt do it! c. maybe i dont know .