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Hilary Duff #1 fancite


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Hilary's world!

The Hillary years!!!

Full Name: Hillary Ann Duff
Birthday: May 9, 1988
Born & Raised: Houston and San Antonio, Texas
Handed: Right
Height: 5'3"
Sister: Haylie
Favorite holiday food: dessert!

my nephews are on a t.v show called Yes Dear. Anyone watch? Wel there manager knows Hilary and thats how i get info.!!!!!

H.A.D=hilary ann duff

Funnie Pic.* When she was about 12, Shes like 14 doing this stuff all young! Did you visit and go to the lizzie site lately? It's really cool, you can do her hair style.

Lizzie has gotten so0o0o popular lately. In L.A. like every stop sign there is a poster of her! There is a HUMUNGUS builboard of her! That would be exciting to go there!Anywayz, I highly dislike those people who say "Lizzie's gay".... Thats so rude. The need to keep it to themselves! The best thing is to ignore.