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Hilary Duff #1 fancite


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I heard that.......

Here's the scoop...
read it its just 2 delish~

well So far her new movie will be comming out. Agent cody banks has made alot of money.
Thats it for now..

Hilary's new movie Lizzie McGuire is coming May 2nd!


Lizzie Books New Books

By: Peachyqueen


I am so prowed of this webcite! I made for all the hilary fans including me can enjoy it! I have a pic. and autogragh of Hilary Duff! Im not lieing. I'm toatally glad im not! I might get to be on the Lizzie show! How cool!!!! The lizzie books havent came out. I am waiting to get one.I like all the pics I put on my webcite!!!

Hope you like my Page!